50 Things that made the Modern Economy – Illustrated on Post-it Notes.

I love doodling on Sticky Notes. And i love listening to podcasts. So i decided to merge the two. Writing and illustrating on paper helps me internalize ideas and enhance learning.

Each time i listened to an episode of the 50 things that made the Modern Economy podcast by Tim Hartford on BBC world service, i wanted to distill the episode onto a 3 by 3 sticky note. This is a great podcast to understand the economy we all are inherently a part of!

Hope you enjoy reading the doodles as much as i did making them. Here is a slide show of all 50 and also attached each one individually if you want to dig into the details!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IMG_9581IMG_9582 2IMG_9583 2IMG_9584IMG_9585IMG_9586IMG_9587IMG_9588IMG_9589IMG_9590IMG_9591IMG_9592IMG_9593IMG_9594IMG_9595IMG_9596IMG_9597IMG_9598IMG_9599IMG_9600IMG_9601IMG_9602IMG_9603IMG_9604IMG_9605IMG_9606IMG_9607IMG_9608IMG_9609IMG_9610IMG_9611IMG_9612IMG_9613IMG_9614IMG_9615IMG_9616IMG_9617IMG_9618IMG_9619IMG_9620IMG_9621IMG_9622IMG_9623IMG_9624IMG_9625IMG_9626IMG_9627IMG_9628IMG_9629IMG_9630

You can follow my illustrations on Instagram @LifeOnAPost-it.

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