7 Inspiring Podcasts by Women about Money, Business, Work & Life.

One of the biggest shifts in mindsets while/after getting an MBA was to inculcate an insatiable thirst to learn everything one can about business and money. We often look for secrets in quantitative course curriculum in Corporate Finance, Managerial Accounting, and Investment Philosophies, forgetting entirely that the most inspiring, and valuable lessons are learnt by listening to stories about women and men who built stellar businesses and wisely invested to grow their wealth in real life.
Everyone has access to the theory in quantitative skills needed in business, but the soft-skills in courage, leadership, collaboration, tact, and influence cannot be simply read up or mastered on paper. These are honed in real-world business negotiations with suppliers, in winning a boardroom’s consensus to pivot to a future vision, or in elevator pitches to potential venture capitalists.
For me, there is something very powerful about the voice of real women ringing in your ears as you go about your commute, chores or workouts. Notes and tones which at times steel strong, at others furiously fearless, and yet occasionally vulnerable, and self-doubting — paint a masterpiece representing everything it takes. Everything it takes to be a woman shattering glass ceilings, that the world will have to reckon with in board rooms, and in the business world which despite best efforts, is still heavily male-dominated.
In an attempt to continually be inspired to be the best version of one-self, women often need a pep talk. I know i do! I am an aural learner and listening to podcasts is extremely helpful.
So this week, i wanted to share 7 of my favorite podcasts featuring boss ladies who share stories about pushing through with conviction. Despite exclusive all-boys clubs, invisible impenetrable glass walls, and implicit unconscious biases they face every single day in business and the world at large.
  1. Secrets of Wealthy Women (by Wall Street Journal) – Much needed mid-week inspiration by host Veronica Dagher, every Wednesday. Life lessons from successful women executives, workplace pioneers, self-made entrepreneurs, industry trendsetters, and money-savvy experts that reveal insights on how to get ahead, reach your goals, and achieve professional eminence. The Q&A interview style well paced podcast is part advice part self-reflective; great in both small and binge worthy doses serving up dollops of wisdom and acumen.

    Secrets of Wealthy Women
    Avg. Podcast Length = 25 mins  
  2. The Pay Check (by Bloomberg) – Women, despite making up nearly 50% of the world’s population, don’t see this ratio hold up either in theory or in practice across key aspects; the economy, politics & policy, corporate life, home life child rearing etc. This podcast provides an in-depth analysis and deep-dive into crucial topics like the motherhood penalty, gender pay gap, pay discrimination, child-care policy, equal gender parenting etc. For those looking for answers to these conundrums, you won’t find them here, but what you will find are all the pertinent Qs and discussions we must ask/have of governments, private sector, and most importantly of the deep rooted societal mindsets.

    The Pay Check
    Avg. Podcast Length = 30 mins   
  3. Women at Work (by HBR) – The Bible for everything business opinion and research, Harvard Business Review editors Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Nicole Torres open up conversations about the workplace, and women’s place in it. With topics like Couples who work, Work after #MeToo, Learning to say No, doing less Dead-End Work, managing parental leave, building powerful sisterhood etc. the hosts don’t shy away from the tough topics. One of my personal favorites!

    Women at Work - HBR
    Average Podcast Length = 50 mins
  4. Women in Charge (by Slate) – What’s it like to be a female boss? Allison Benedict, executive editor of Slate Magazine will ask other women in charge about the nitty-gritty details of their work lives—what do they do every day, how do they do it, and how are things changing for women in their fields? And all other questions about running successful businesses, restaurants, studios, and lives. Much needed advice for everyone willing to learn from boss ladies.

    Women in Charge
    Average Podcast length = 40 mins 
  5. BizChix (by Natalie Eckdahl) – Another fun interview style podcast by Natalie who is a business strategist, and CEO of BizChix which helps high performing women build, grow, and scale their businesses. With a booming podcast with ~400+ episodes, a solid business, happy and successful clients, 3 children, and a husband, Natalie is a big proponent of living a full life; she doesn’t claim to have a perfect life or be superwoman, but believes in building the right teams, coffee and hiring for help with anything she can outsource. I find that extremely real and realistic.

    Average Podcast Length = 45 mins 
  6. Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso – A fun conversational interview style podcast with Sophia Amoruso who used to host the podcast “Stuff Mom Never told you” but branched out to start GirlBoss. A professional network for women entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, side hustlers, executives etc. Inspiring and great for when you need a dose of motivation to get off your backside and start something.

    GirlBoss Radio
     Average Podcast Length = 45 mins 
  7. Super Women with Rebecca Minkoff – Every Tuesday, in an intimate, share-all interview Rebecca uncovers the many sides of powerful women, and learns the secrets behind the scenes. From CEOs to artists, and shows what life is like without pretty filters, what it means to be vulnerable, how loss can make you stronger, and other ways to make your inner superwoman shine.

    Average Podcast Length = 30 mins
Other special mentions, of podcasts that I listen to but not very regularly. Am sure you can’t go wrong with any of these honestly!
  • Meri Pyaari Saheliyan (My Dear Girlfriends) by Hansi @Franklin Templeton – about how to take your financial freedom seriously. It’s an Indian podcast by Indus Vox Media.
  • Brown Ambition with Mandi and Tiffany – Powerful personal finance advice by  women who have a solid combined wealth of knowledge on effective financial education.
  • No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis – Rebecca is am Emmy award winning journalist speaks with the most-impressive women in the world who let their guards down and share honest stories about what it really takes to build an empire.
  • Switch, Pivot or Quit with Ahyiana Angel – For girlfriend sitting at her day job thinking, “This Can’t Be Life!” Host, Ahyiana Angel, successfully switched careers from a sports entertainment publicist to a traditionally published author so she knows what is required to take your life from where it is to where you want it to be.
The biggest theme to share among them all is that – ‘When women support each other, we all rise.’ 
Hope you will give these a try. Let me know if you find others that should be added to this list. Happy Pod-ding!
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