Arches National Park – 4 of 59

One of the best ways to reunite with friends in the US is to explore national parks together. The joy of sharing a sense of adventure only increases with friends you have some crazy fun history with. Exactly what some old school friends did at Utah earlier this year!

Taking you through a photo-journal – Because there is nothing i can write up that matches what you will see in the snapshots, better still experience on a visit! Travel on.


img_6218Arches national park in Utah is a spectacular result of water and wind erosion on sandstone over millions of years by the majestic Colorado river (again! check out my post on Grand Canyon which was etched into by the same river!).

Nature is the sole architect of this wondrous landscape which will keep you wanting more.

Atop a salt sea bed, the largest concentrations of exquisite formation of arches, spires, balanced rocks, and fins made of sandstone tower here in absolute magnificence.

3.103.1Luckily Utah is also home to 4 other national parks – Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion and Capitol Reef. It is wise to club a couple of national parks over a long weekend.

We flew into Salt Lake city, rented a Tahoe, and drove to the hippie town of Moab to airbnb at a relaxing ranch home right outside the national park border. (Jacuzzi and all!)If you start at the crack of dawn, you can witness the changing light play on the many sandstone structures all along the drive to the national park.


Turn after turn is a mystery waiting to unfold. of the most fun experiences was to off-road and take routes very few tourists take. Makes for some fabulous photographs and memories. with varying levels of hikes including a 9 mile one will take you to the most iconic arches. Delicate arch, Landscape Arch, Mesa arch, Balancing rock, Double o arch are all ones that attract tourists.


As you go further inroads, you will find lesser known but equally mesmerizing arches like the one with the log lying across the archway, the Navajo Arch.

You can tell by the pictures and videos that we had a swell time. Reminds me of the “Into the Wild” revelation in the end that rings true “Happiness real only when shared”

strikingly pensive

The landscape in Utah is more different than anywhere else in the United States. Rugged, arid, and mysterious to say the least. Each rock and surface has a story to tell. All you have to do is listen. later, on looking at these pictures again, it struck me that an Indian film song Sunta Hai Mera Khuda was shot at the Arches National Park! haha, Enjoy!

Photo Credits: The fabulous Kshitij Kumar’s Drone+GoPro+ DSLR Camera, Chetan and Archana’s iPhone 6s/6 respectively.

For more NP adventure, check out my previous post on Acadia National Park, Maine!

Coming up next Canyonland National Park, Utah!


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