7 ways to take care of our body as we age.

If childhood and youth gifted us with a sense of invincibility, mid-life and old age remind us of our mortality. Day after day, the cells in our bodes churn. Physical abilities and skills once full of vitality slowly wither into doomed dormancy.

The aim is not to beat old-age, but simply to glide gracefully with it. Simple yet effective steps can guide our bodies into this eventuality.

So here are 7 ways to take care of the body as we age.

One: stay active. move your limbs often. stretch. maintain muscle. Our bodies were built to run, climb, jump, and almost take flight. One big difference we learnt in school between living things and non-living things was the fact that the former could ‘move’. Movement is life. We move to feel alive. Whatever your form, just move. Ditch (limit) the sedentary life and just move to stay youthful.

Two: Eat mostly leaves, fruit and vegetables. make healthy food choices. We are what we eat. We won’t escape the excess calorie. With time, it will catch up. When it comes to consumption, moderation is our best friend. As we age, let’s say goodbye to everyday 2000+ calorie milkshakes for breakfast + three lunches + two snacks + one big dinner + dessert. Okay, maybe keep the dessert.

Three: Maintain a consistent yet simple skin and hair care routine. The prime of youth reflects great skin and luscious hair to attract a mate. It’s all down-hill after. As the first fine lines appear, hundreds of vain dollars are spent on creams and masks. Here, little consistent actions go far. Remove all make up before bed. Use a moisturizer with SPF. Drink loads of H2O. If done consistently, will keep skin and hair healthy.

Four: Find quiet time. Reduce worry and stress. Meditate. Smile often. External habits are futile if not coupled with internal discipline. Still the mind from the chaos that is life. Let go of things not in your control. Be grateful for what is. Stop and feel the moment even on a busy day. If not now, then when? What else is there?

Five: Listen to your body and seek medical help as needed. Despite all precaution, our body serves curve-balls. To ignore pleas for physical and mental aid is unwise. Investigate your feelings often to weed out potential ailments and heal. Tune into it’s rhythms and vibrations; resonate.

Six: Pamper yourself. Get a massage and mani-pedis often. While youth withstands work-horsing, age craves tender care. Indulgence sprinkled transitions serve us well. Treat yourself. Be generous. Self-care minutes, translate to abundant years later.

Seven: Be kind to your body. Embrace change. Clutch to youth, and it fades sooner. Release, and witness endurance. Cuddle cellulite. Groom grays. Soothe stretch marks. Love fine lines. Celebrate wrinkles. For they are souvenirs of testing time.

Age is a sign that we continue to live. Despite everything that is destined to eliminate us. So cherish and equip to dance with it.

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