we are all languishing. says adam grant. makes sense.

Are you feeling it too? that ‘blah’ feeling. the feeling that nothing really seems like it used to. the sense that our minds, bodies, and souls are not ‘all there’. the spring in our step is missing.

as the world attempts to get back to ‘normal’ and as we all ‘unlock up’ from a ‘lock down’, we seem to be stuck in well… limbo… waiting… and languishing…

some of us may not feel as extreme as depressed. others might. we of course don’t feel like we are in the pinkest of health! certainly not flourishing. if that’s the goal even. it all feels like somewhere in the middle. neither here, nor there. somewhere, simply neglected.

when they ask you – how are you doing? the only answer seems to be – it’s complicated. the only word that even comes close to the ‘meh’ emotion being experienced is well ‘languishing’. when i read adam grant’s piece in the new york times, something clicked in my head. a light switch maybe. so that’s what it is…most of us are feeling it. and finally there’s a name. a common language to maybe open up and share the emotion.

now that we know we are languishing, what can we do to move slightly to the right of the spectrum? only of course, if that’s where we want to be…trick your mind into flowing. being in the ‘flow’ state allows us a playground, to simply be. without timelines, or expectations. it just let’s our mind wander into a neverland of whatever we seek.

lots of time is what we need to flow. uninterrupted time from tasks, deadlines, chores, netflix, people, work, ‘shoulds’…put up a ‘do not disturb’ sign outside life’s door and just sit there in the vast time space continuum. to just flow.

was there something you were always drawn to? an empty page, that bottle of ink, the old fountain pen? a box of crayons, the oil paints, the open canvas? the fertile earth, the sprouty seeds, the desolate water can? a box of thread, a thimble, that sole needle? what matters to you?

yes, we are all stuck in the middle earth. looking back from which is a sense of loss and looking ahead from which is cautious hope? but for now its the feeling of simply ‘meh’…

so that’s that then. ah well – we are languishing. in this world of ours. collective-ly. isolating-ly. together-ly.

here’s hoping inching towards coming times of flourishing. fingers crossed. until then. let’s languish. and know that’s what we are feeling. thanks adam grant.

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