7 ways to show someone you care.

By design, the world we live in today can feel extremely isolating and alien. One feels removed from a sense of community or even belonging in ways more than one. The good news — it doesn’t take too much effort to turn things around really.

Orson Wells, the director of Citizen Kane famously said, “We are born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion in the moment that we are not alone.”

These words ring true more than ever today, for despite being so hyper-connected in this busy busy world, we somehow feel less connection with each other — resulting in people thinking they are not cared for.

It got me thinking about 7 simple ways in which we can show someone we truly care. So here goes!

One: Cook them their favorite meal. There is something so innately warm about preparing a hearty meal for someone you love. As cliche as it sounds, most of us love our mum’s or grand mum’s cooking. A big reason being the thought, love, and effort they tirelessly put into to every meal which shows us how much they care.

Two: Leave them little notes of appreciation. We take so much for granted. Our relationships, our co-workers, our building watchman, our home help, and everyone who touches our life in so many unique ways. Next time, tell someone how genuinely thankful you are for them being in your life or their service. Be it on a sticky, a text, or in person — there is something so special about receiving a small token of appreciation.

Three: Give them a genuine compliment. In a world of constant comparison and forever judgement, it could feel like an onslaught of criticism. If you identify falling into critical patterns for people close to you or even for yourself, stop. Instead of focusing on the negative, find things you genuinely like about the person in front of you — and let them know what you appreciate it. Pay them a true compliment. We all love hearing praise about ourselves and will show how much we are cared for.

Four: Give them a hug that warms their heart. Think about how many times in a day you seek meaningful human touch. When someone feels ‘blah’ the easier way to fill their body with endorphins and happiness hormones is a warm HUG! Admit it, when you feel down and out, usually a big hug is all you need to show that you are cared for and that it will all be okay. So hug on!

Five: Participate in an activity they enjoy. Remember, before the internet, when we all had to participate in one common activity, even if we completely hated it? We had to pick company and people over getting bored alone. Today, boredom is optional. For we have an ever present option of being occupied with our screens. And so two people never find anything common to do, for we want to avoid compromise. If you want to show someone you truly care, do things that they enjoy, with them.

Six: Take some work off their plate. There are times we all see humans around us being crushed under the weight of chores that just need to be done. Deadlines that need to be met. Pacifying a child that just won’t stop crying. Putting others’ needs ahead of ours, while still keeping self preservation intact, demonstrates how much we care for them. Asking someone if they need help and lending a hand shows how much you care.

Seven: Indulge them. listen to, and share their apprehensions, worries, and dreams. People often try to put on a brave front even when under immense pressure. Sometimes all someone needs is a person who will listen to their deepest emotions. When we create a safe space to be vulnerable and open ourselves up to be present to a person’s inner turmoil, we show that we care. We don’t have to come up with solutions, or provide fixes, or even agree — but lending your ear to listen is sometimes enough.

Hope this helps remind you how we can show our care.

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