7 reasons i talk to my mom almost daily despite being a grown woman.

Yes, I am 33 years old and i talk to my mom almost every day. Sometimes thrice a day. At first, i thought this was weird. After some research, funnily enough, a majority of my girlfriends in their 30s also talk to their mom’s almost daily.
Now, full disclosure, there was a phase in life that I didn’t particularly share too much with mom. I figured, if I was up to no good, there was no point worrying her with gory details of my shenanigans. After all, both mom and dad had diligently coached me Military style on how to take ownership of my decisions – the good, the bad, and the definitely drunk. In any case, between the over-assured ages of 16-26 years, one after all felt invincible. Relying far too much on peer group validation, and severely shunned well-meaning moms’ advice on life.
For all that, I think it was around the time I moved to the United States for B-school at 26, that I felt I had sprung too far from the mother-ship back home in India. The distance was acutely palpable. Now, I can’t throw new light on anything that hasn’t already been said or written on about mothers. Poems, literature, songs, P&G commercials, motion pictures, and mother’s day is testament to how great mothers are. That debate is settled.
What I try to uncover are 7 reasons why I think i talk to my mom almost everyday. So, for her birthday, she can finally know why I am more clingy to her than to my spouse. Here goes mom!
Only mom is truly invested in my life’s uneventful minutia. My husband and my sister rarely have the mind-space, patience, or interest in listening to me ramble about my latest craze with money-plants in glass jars. But not mom. Mom will indulge this sudden obsession with how long money plant roots grow in water each day and provide suggestions on window sill placement for optimal sunlight.  In general, she will listen intently if you as much as sneeze or put her on hold in the line as you order coffee.
Mom is a masterful cook and knows my tastes better than me. Face-timing mom for a recipe is a mini Masterchef class in itself. She will rattle off legacy heirloom family treats from memory, diagnose the color of your masala, and salvage a dish with the missing secret ingredient. Plus she will completely disregard your freaky health diets, will sincerely let you know that there is far too little oil, salt or sugar in anything you make and will fuss over your weight regardless.
Mom grounds me in reality while also rooting for me to soar high. Even as mom secretly glows with pride on my lofty promotions, job offers, or raises, she also gently consoles me during times when things go south. Reminding me that life is really about family, being kind, and contented. She is the best reality check during both over-excitement and deep despair. She emphasizes balance, advises humility, and assures that life is going to turn out just fine.
Mom is always right and gives great advice! For decisions both major and minute. When in doubt, I turn to mom. Mom’s Intuition about the people in my life, doing the right thing in moral dilemma, and presenting clarity during confusion are all on-point. She knows me better than myself. She has no reason to be anything but honest and judgement-free with me.
Mom will pick up your call even if for 2 mins or 2 hours. I have spoken to mom for 3 hours on solo road-trips across the US, a 30 minute commute to work and also for 30 seconds before my flight took off. You can start a conversation with mom mid-sentence, she will follow along and extended periods of silence on FaceTime as we both go about our chores is not uncommon either. You can call mom anytime, hang up with a rushed ‘gotta go’ and no harm done.
Mom talks to her mom, my grand-mom, everyday too. I have grown up keenly observing my mom’s doting connection with my grandma. I witness this bond between most mothers and daughters in my circle. I have come to realize, mothers and daughters just can’t refrain from constantly communicating. It’s just the truth. They have so much to discuss, plan, and share about.
Mom lives on a far away continent and I miss her terribly. If your mom lives down the street, in the same city or even country, know that you are blessed. I find myself in the odd circumstance that keeps me physically away from mom for months at a stretch. I pine for the few days I can spend time with her on my trips to India, of course getting on each others nerves on day 2. But despite the occasional ‘know-it-all’ demeanor moms put on, I know that all mom want for me is to be safe & happy.
Hope I find my happy medium radius of circle around her soon, until which time I will continue to call her almost everyday, sometimes thrice a day.
Happy birthday Mom! I LOVE you 😘

Curious to hear what reasons one would add to the list! Please share them in the comments below.

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