7 actions non-black people can take right now.

I want to honestly admit that I am generally someone who tends to politically overcorrect, be overly diplomatic, try to see both sides of a story in every given situation, play devil’s advocate and as a result, i often avoid concretely picking a side, even if heart in heart i know what side i am really on.

To top it off, with immaculate ‘desi’ conditioning i have become somewhat of a people pleaser, non-confrontational, and measured when conducting myself in my public, on social media and in my professional life. Which does not help me be truly honest, open and candid about discussing topics which might be messy, hard, and taboo to talk about in desi communities.

30+ years into life, I finally want to change this about myself. This is my attempt to start being fearless about judgement from people i know (including complete strangers). I want to be courageous about sharing my opinions boldly and firmly, and hopefully in the process learn to find my authentic voice. Not my filtered voice, not my measured voice, not my second-guessing voice — my real voice. And hopefully share it in a respectful, humble, informed, and ‘being curious to learn’ manner.

What is happening (and has been happening for centuries) in America as it pertains to systemic racial oppression, police brutality against blacks and all forms of racism and all other injustices in the world right now is simply wrong. I want to say that out loud and clear. We talk about it behind closed doors, and in the safety of our privilege and the knowledge that it doesn’t affect us directly. But unless we stand up against any form of injustice, in our homes, neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, countries, and the world, nothing will really change.

To be an ally and supporter against any injustice we first need to learn about, educate ourselves on, understand our sphere of influence in the system, and act towards resolution of this injustice.

here are 7 things non-black people can do right now.

1. learn as much as we can about why this is an issue, (or why anything else is an issue). its history, its context, its effects, its consequences, and our place in the system that perpetuates it. This could be not just about Racism, learn about anything that bothers you.
2. talk to, listen to people who face injustice first hand. tap into your own experiences with the issue, and reflect on how that enhances your understanding further. learn to empathize without trying to make it about you.
3. be more self aware. think deeply about how we might be part of the problem. what acts do we perform that further the biases and racial oppression
4. if we see something, let’s say something. the general tendency is to not engage if it doesn’t pertain to us directly. which is a lot of ways is self preservation. but lets remember that makes it worse
5. see how we can tangibly help right now. how can we extend help to those that need it right now.
6. money talks. put our money to black businesses right now. donate to organizations that are doing the hard work if you want to do it indirectly.
7. elect better systems and leaders. ground up. exercise your power to change corrupt people who continue to perpetuate racist systemic issues.

What other things you would add to this list? How can each one of us stop racism? Share them in the comments. Stay curious my friends.

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