Enough of the “white noise” already!

To the all Darden second round admits… Welcome! Also I want to enlighten you a little about the white noise at Darden! It seems fit with all the talks about how white noise is constraining the real potential of the US economy the past few months…

All your life you wish you could stand in the middle of white noise. You travel half way across the world, a few thousand miles closer towards the North Pole to experience this white noise. When you watched it in romantic Bollywood songs where the lead heroine could romance the hero for a whole song only with a skimpy black dress on, you never knew that she actually suffered from pneumonia the day after. You also think about all the Hollywood movies you saw and how a little boy finds his mother mysteriously in the middle of white noise. You drew a million patterns of it, coloring it in colors that it never originally existed in.

The first time you hear it, see it, and taste it, it is unreal. You want to keep staring at it right outside your window. You want to keep looking at it happen and see it film everything with its magic. You want to get all bundled up and get out with your boots. Stand in the middle of it all, let it embrace you, let it engulf you in its mystery, let it surround you with its warmth. And so you do. You try to capture every moment with the gadgets you own. You finally revel in the feeling you never imagined you could feel.

A few minutes into it and you feel like the mystery is slowly fading away. Your hands and feet start feeling different. In fact now you can’t feel them at all. You decide you have had enough and you start to walk away, you slip, and fall flat on your face and it just doesn’t feel like fun anymore. Getting to school takes ten minutes longer. You thank yourself for not having a car, for it would be an additional hour and a few hundred calories before you can even get it out of its trap. Any plan that involves the outdoors is out of the question because of all the noise out there.

And so ends the love affair with the white noise… You crave for golden silence for once… And then you realize that it could have been far worse, if you had decided to go to schools further up northeast or Midwest… and you thank your stars for the far less noise at Charlottesville and humbly wish for a lot more silence in the days that will follow…

As you can tell I have had enough of the white noise!


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